Broken Laptop Power Port

Broken Laptop Power Port

When the switch is on and the power is flowing, you might find that sometimes when you bump the side of the laptop, you can go from charging to using battery power or even lose power altogether.

When a laptop is bumped or jostled a lot, the power cord connected to the power jack socket can cause the socket to come loose. That means that the connection between the power jack socket and the mother board or battery can snap. So what do you do when the power jack socket is loose?

You can either purchase soldering equipment, get a how-to guide off the internet and try to complete the repair on your own (this isn’t recommended unless you are a certified laptop technician), or you can bring your laptop to the certified laptop technicians at and let us provide you with our broken power jack socket repair  in Hackney.

For more information on our broken power jack socket repair hackney, or any of our other laptop repair services, please contact us on 0208 289 6789

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