In-House Repair

In-House Workshop Repair and Servicing

Your laptop or PC are very important to you, and they haven’t left your sight for longer than a few hours, but sometimes, when repairs are needed, you need to trust that the workshop where you’re taking them is safe, and that the repair professionals will care for your device as if it were their own kin.

With the laptop and computer repair experts at you can rest assured that while your laptop or PC is in our workshop, it is getting only the best care we can provide. Our workshop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment, the newest software, and the latest laptop and PC parts. provides in-house workshop services for the following laptop and PC issues:

  • Desktop repair
  • Laptop repair
  • Virus removal
  • Windows software installation
  • Mac OSX software installation
  • Data recovery

If it needs to be repaired, installed, upgraded, or scrubbed (for viruses) it can be done in our workshop. Our rates are competitive, our repair professionals are certified, and our hours of operation are convenient for our customers.

For more information on the services we provide in our workshop, or for a free consultation, please contact on 0203 289 6789

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